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One of my several pet peeves about this place are the girls who wear sweatpants in public, conveniantly pulling them down so that we can see about half of their buttcrack. Look, either you dress sexy or you don't. I've got nothing against sweatpants. They're very comfortable. I wore them to school up until the age of 11 (which is approximately the mental age of most of the girls around here) too. But no matter how much you fold them over or pull them down, they're not going to be sexy. If you want to be sexy, you don't pull your ugly pants down, you wear pants that compliment your figure.

The oddest thing about this practice is that it seems to be done almost exclusively by overweight young women with nasty stretch marks around their rectal area. Due to increasing obesity rates in Western culture, stretch marks have become a commonality even in persons have never given birth, I understand that. What I don't understand is why they are being shown off. It would be like me using makeup in a way to enhance my acne.

Seriously, my eyes hurt. No more fat buttcracks, please.
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