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Guess who finally got a copy of Burning Crusade!

I wasn't going to buy it until Ryk hit level 60 (which, by my pace, still won't be for awhile), but Zlati ended up getting it for me as a going away present. =D =D He has really good ideas sometimes. I'm thinking of buying a mic and downloading vent so that we can keep playing the way we do. We kick ass even when we're relying on typing, but it's nothing compared to what we can do when actually speaking to each other.

In other news, people are leaving and it's sad. Two of my roomates left (and one of them took off with my measuring cup -_-) and now the appartment is empty and eerie. Nate left today ;___; I already miss him terribly. He was the first person I spoke to here and helped me out a lot throughout the year. Hopefully we'll both get to come back next year. If not, my Friday nights are going to be pretty empty.

Zlati and I still have a couple of days, thankfully. I'm terrified of going through yet another heartbreak so soon, but I guess that's part of life. Besides, it might be different this time around. The dynamics of our relationship are very different than those of my previous one (not better or worse, just different!) plus I've grown a lot since the last time. Oh well, I'll worry about that when the times comes. For now it's time for studying.

Four down, one to go!
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