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So I guess I should update this thing

A lot of stuff has happened lately, but my motivation to keep in touch and update internet networking sites is non existant. My motivation to do anything, really, is pretty much non existant, but I assume we all need our times off.

I guess I have to start with the bad news. I regret to say it, but I'm pretty sure I won't be making it to California this summer. I had a bad fall and broke two bones in my neck. The injury itself isn't bad and doesn't hurt, but I had to miss nearly two weeks of work. Since this definitely wasn't planned in my budget, I'm going to have to work until the very end of the summer to make up for it. Plus, there's no guarentee that I will have my neck brace off on time and if I'm going to spend that much money on a trip, I want to get the most out of it. I'm thinking maybe around Christmas...

In happier news, I finished my first year of pharmacy. It went pretty well, although once again I've fallen into my old habit of doing tons of work at first, then burning out and not doing anything towards the end. I began the year with the ambition to become an excellent student, but I guess it's just not who I am. It's okay, there are other things I'm good at.

I did my first internship (we call the SPEs) in a pharmacy in May. I did well, although I find that working in a community pharmacy isn't really for me. I loved interacting with customers/patients, especially the, but I wasn't a fan of all the paperwork. I'm looking forward to doing a hospital internship next year. Hopefully it will be full of complex cases and exciting patients!

My trip to Victoria/Toronto went very well. I was flu-ridden during my week in Victoria, but I did get to see the city before I got too messy. It's small and cozy, not exactly what I was expecting. Toronto was a blast and a week definitely wasn't enough! I've decided that I'm a city person. I like my conveniances and coffee shops and public transit. Toronto's too big for me, but something the size of Edmonton would make me happy. Hmmm....

I've been working at autistic camp ever since I got back, minus the time off I had to take when I hurt myself. I ended up getting paired with a laid back kid due to my new limitation, but suprisingly enough, he's a lot of fun. There's less challenge, but I've been pushing sign language on him and his progess is exciting. He's also super affectionate so I get hugs all day. Can't complain about that!
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